Medi is inspired by the Mediterranean, Medicine and Meditation! What do these three have in common? Take care and be aware of yourself, the planet and the people around you! On top of that; you will enjoy tasty food and live better! The Mediterranean way of life focuses on being active and having a healthy diet which includes fresh vegetables, whole grains, nuts and eating together with wine (in moderation). Medicine in line with Hippocrates’ philosophy: ‘Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.’ Meditation is the awareness of nothing, because with our busy and hectic life there needs to be time to empty your mind. The Pop-Up restaurant advocates for a better lifestyle thus life, by implementing a menu that is seasonal (from farm to fork within max four days), local (within a range of 70 km from The Hague) and a modern twist on the Mediterranean diet (responsible and exciting). Together with healthy and honest food Medi aims to entertain guests the Mediterranean way to ensure a joyful experience (Joie de vivre!). Medi believes in sharing, so share your delicious dishes and live the Mediterranean life!

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Until we officially open, Medi already has something in store for you! Together with Rechtstreex we offer fresh and local products trough a transparent supply chain! Order before Wednesdays 10:30 and pick them up on Fridays!

Medi Restaurant

Torenstraat 82, 2513BT Den Haag